Alice convertible

The Alice convertible carry-all clutch.

Alice is the convertible cousin of Isabella. This gorgeous convertible Alice convertible carry-all clutch conveys images of 1950's glamour in an oh so modern way.  Had enough of carrying your "baggage" around every with you? Think Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe. The Alice convertible carry-all clutch is large enough to accommodate most things that you would usually carry with you in a much larger bulky handbag. Oh and looks can be deceiving - Alice balloons out to accommodate your "stuff" so it takes the shape of whatever you have to carry.

As with all Bag Bakery products, the Alice is fully lined with a complimentary fabric. That's the thing with Bag Bakery designs - the inside is often more wonderful than the outside! 

What does "convertible" mean? You have the option in the checkout to wear these three ways - you can choose the wristlet strap or the adjustable length cross body strap, or choose both. Or for those occasions when you have to go strapless, simply unclip the strap, pop the hooks down into the purse and hold it close to you as a clutch.


  • 21cm wide at the top
  • 31cm wide at the bottom
  • 15.5cm tall

Note that all Bag Bakery pieces are unique, cut by hand and made individually with love. As a result, pattern placement on the piece you receive may differ slightly from the pattern placement on the item shown in the photos. 

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